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About Us

Buddy's Spence - Wrapping specimens for transport down the mountain.

Wrapping specimens for transport down the mountain.

Spence Shale Fossils is a company of JPS, Inc., also known as Jamison Paleontological Services. Incorporated on January 1st of 2008, we provide paleontological consulting and preparation services on all kinds of fossils, including the beautiful Spence material seen on these pages.

Our other company, Clear Creek Quarry, specializes in fossil decor using the fine Eocene material from Wyoming's Green River Formation. Please check out our website, ClearCreekQuarry.com to view our fossil tables, murals, and framed art.

Paul Jamison, founder and president of JPS, Inc. is a geologist with over 30 years experience in paleontology. His interests run the spectrum from paleozoic invertebrates to Eocene fish, from academia to art.

We can be contacted by phone (435) 752-4335, or by emailing info@SpenceShaleFossils.com